Accentia Consultancy Franchise

Are you looking for a professional level consulting business that will provide both personal fulfillment and financial rewards?

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Welcome to the Accentiá franchise opportunity!

Could franchise consulting be the perfect business for you?

  • Are you looking for a business that will help you achieve a better quality of life?
  • Are you looking for a business that will provide bot personal fulfillment and the financial rewards?
Accentia Consultancy Franchise

Consider this unique combination of features and benefits:

  • Low investment level
  • Minimal monthly overheads
  • A fast-growing industry
  • Satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals
  • Home based or office based
  • Normal business hours
  • Centralised lead handling
  • Centralised document drafting
  • Exclusive and established client contracts
  • State of the art IT and CRM systems

Being a franchise consultant is both rewarding and fulfilling

When making the decision that a franchising consultancy may be the correct route for you, The Accentiá opportunity should form part of your planning process.

The Opportunity

Be in Business in Less than 30 Days – Home or Office Based. Is this the perfect business for you? Are you looking for a professional level consulting business that will provide both personal fulfillment and financial rewards? Being a Franchise Consultant is for people who don’t want the time and financial commitments required of a typical business, but instead are looking for a lower investment, more flexibility, a faster return on investment and a higher income than you will find in other businesses.

The Accentiá franchise is easy to operate

From day one and on an ongoing basis Accentiá will help you to develop your business, the strength and success of our business is a key factor in our growth. Growth and success of the business is essential as we only succeed when you succeed. 

As a Franchisee you would utilise the knowledge, the systems and the relationships that we’ve developed to help you start and grow a profitable business of your own. This is an excellent opportunity to have a business that is experiencing incredible growth with unlimited income potential.

The Accentia business model 

Franchise Consultancy

Three franchise profit centres

  1. Development of Franchise Systems
  2. Managed Franchisee Recruitment
  3. Franchisee Mentoring and Negotiation
  • Operate from your chosen location
  • High profit potential
  • Quick growth potential
  • Home or office based
  • Flexible working hours
  • High demand, high growth industry
  • Proven business model
  • Personal coaching/mentoring by senior consultant
  • Presentations, scripts, reference material and consultant tools

Our Franchise Consultants deliver a superior service first and foremost by listening to the business owner, whilst we know how to franchise a business our experts know that no one knows a business better than a business owner, any initial chat or meeting will be to gain an in depth understanding the core business.

As a Franchise Consultant you will discuss what the business owner wishes to achieve by franchising their business. You will then offer advice and if in your opinion the business is “franchiseable” and an idea of the costs involved.

As a highly skilled Franchise Consultant the business owner can be sure that you understand his/her business and goals they can be certain that the creation of the franchise business will be in safe hands.

What we are looking for in a franchisee?

In our selection of franchisees our recruitment process is structured and methodical, we know who does and who does not make a good franchise partner. In our discussions with you, our objective is to make sure that you know enough about us in order that you can make an informed decision on the franchise. Equally we want to know enough about you and your level of skills, to ensure that our future growth is stable and synergetic. 

A new Franchisee will need to demonstrate high levels of: 

  • Self Motivation 
    Accentia Franchisees
  • Ambition 
  • Determination 
  • Business Acumen 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Communication skills
  • People skills
  • Professionalism 

We look for people who are capable of setting themselves up in business but see the value in the brand, training, support and systems that investing in a franchise with Accentiá brings.

Franchisee Testimonials

"After being asked many times to help people franchise their business, I looked long and hard to find someone to refer these people to, that’s when I came across Paul at Accentia. When we met the synergy was brilliant. We had the same opinions on franchising, similar experiences and I knew I’d found the right person.

As a franchisor myself my journey would have been made so much easier by having a franchise consultant to guide me. Although I chose Accentia in the first place to direct people to, I wanted to help more so I approached Paul about the franchise opportunity, it seemed perfect for me, there is a great team at the head office to follow up on the leads and my job is to interview business owners who want to franchise their business and explain how we can help them and also interview prospective franchisees for our clients, two things I love doing. Accentia is the perfect franchise for me."

Claire Robinson Accentia Northampton

UK based Accentia Franchise Consultants have now opened their first of several offices in the Middle East region. The office run by Accentia’s Middle East Director Khalid Mahdi is in Dubai and covers both the GCC and the Levant.Providing a strategic foothold within the region for those franchisors who are already clients of Accentia along with creating a local infrastructure through which brands home grown within the UAE and the Middle East can expand internationally; Accentia are able to offer...

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During August 2018, Claire Robinson joined Accentia as a franchise consultant opening a new franchised office in Northampton. Claire, is a particularly key appointment for Accentia as she brings not only ten years of experience as a franchisor, having built her Extra Help brand into a national franchise chain offering home help services. Outside of her role at Extra Help and now Accentia, Claire is also the CEO of the Approved Franchise Association and is a passionate advocate for quality and...

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