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Professional Beer Line Cleaning business, generating ongoing income.

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Providing 21st Century Technology and combining it with a Professional Beer Line Cleaning service established 2002!

We have over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

This system has no equal and is better than leading operators in the industry including Heineken and Carlsberg.

Our franchise will provide ongoing repeat revenue helping you to build long term income quickly.

Who is Beer Saver franchise?

If you want to work with a fun fast paced company, then look no further. World leading state of the art technology means you’ll be working with a company on the cutting edge.

The development of the technology involved in Beer Saver™ has been a continuing process during the whole of the twenty first century. Our fully patented Digital Sine Wave System is the latest technology from Cambridge Scientific Solutions Ltd.

Beer Saver™6 Plus & Beer Saver™ 7 Pro are the result of years of exhaustive research and development by Cambridge Scientific Solutions to produce a system that is both efficient and simple to use. Extensively tested and endorsed by independent experts and microbiologists.

The systems are designed to reduce product wastage improving business sustainability credentials. Improving gross profit by directly impacting the bottom line. Improving quality leading to increased client revenues.

Beer Saver franchise technology

Established over the last 20 years this is still a new business growing quickly. The company offers world leading technology creating a unique sales opportunity.

Existing clients includes Marriott International, Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn, Liverpool Football club and many more independents.

What Beer Saver does?

Beer lines are normally cleaned on a weekly basis, this is to remove any bacterial build up and yeast build up in the lines that naturally occurs over time. If lines are not regularly cleaned the draught products (Ales, Lagers and Ciders) become spoiled and taste bad. Bad beer is bad for business so good operators keep their lines clean.

However, cleaning beer lines on a weekly basis has many drawbacks. To clean the lines, you first must remove the draught product from the line and replace it with cleaning chemicals. This product is lost and poured down the drain. The average pub throws away 15 kegs of product per annum in this way. This has a massive operational and environmental cost. Beer is food, and food wastage is very bad for the environment and the bottom line.

In addition, time spent on labour is required normally at a cost and harsh chemicals are also used and then poured away down the drain further damaging the environment.

Beer Saver has been using its technology for the last 20 years to inhibit the growth of bacteria and yeast. This means that less lines cleans are required throughout the year saving the business both time and money.

Earning Potential

Earning from Beer rental is calculated as a 45/55 split, with 55% going to Beer Saver. But this comes with the benefit of absolutely zero equipment cost and replacement from the franchisee. We pay for all the equipment.

Earning from the Professional Line Cleaning Service is calculated as a 15/85 split, with 85% going to whomever completes the line cleans. E.g., if you sell a Beer Saver contract but cannot provide the line cleaning contract as you are too busy, then our professional line cleaning technicians will step in to help you out.

However, we suggest maximising your earning potential by completing the line cleans yourself. A successful franchisee may employ additional staff to complete the cleans.

The following earning potentials are based on your franchise acquiring just 5, 10 & 15 new clients per month.

(Ongoing expenditure is based upon variables costs associated with client numbers as petrol and cleaning chemicals. I.e. no clients equals no costs).

What's included with Beer Saver?

As a franchisee you will get the following:

  • Tools and equipment to complete installs and professional line cleans.
  • Branded uniform.
  • Fully comprehensive and ongoing training.
  • Ongoing revenue from Beer Saver rental.
  • Ongoing revenue from Professional Line Cleaning contracts.
  • Your own exclusive territory.
  • Access to a professional CRM system.
  • No capital expenditure required for Beer Saver equipment – we split the monthly rental.
  • 24/7 support from our professional technicians.

The initial franchise fee of £9,999 covers absolutely everything from equipment needed to get started to ongoing sales and marketing support.

We believe that the future of our business starts with you and the sale of the franchise territory. And as a result we are not charging high initial franchise premiums.

Our ideal franchisee will have entrepreneurial spark, bags of energy and be looking to build a long-term re-occurring income business. BeerSaver historically has built long-term relationships with  our customers. Our longest standing customer has been with us since 2002 and is one of the oldest most established breweries in the UK. Our average customer stays with us for over 10 years. Meaning that you can have confidence that you will be joining a business with real ongoing potential.

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An award-winning company established in early 2000, provides a stunning example of the best that British pubs have to offer. Nine pubs situated in great locations across Surrey and Berkshire. The pub offers a wide-ranging menu, and the company prides itself on its great selection of draught and cask. “The Beer Saver system has helped me maintain the highest standards of beer quality possible whilst minimising my wastage, its win win. This has been particularly important to me as I take grea...

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Liverpool Football Club needs no introduction as the 6 times champions of Europe. Beer Saver 6 has been installed on all main bars and cellars for the last 4 years. Initially the systems’ primary objective was to enhance the beer quality. Coupled with the line cleaning service the site maintains an extended line cleaning cycle. “My priority is the quality of the beer and Beer Saver has a massive impact on improving the quality and consistency across all the bars. It tastes fresh and doesn’t g...

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