Sky High Window Cleaning franchise

Sky High Window Cleaning franchise

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The PERFECT Recurring Income Franchise, Start Earning from Day 1!

After launching Sky High in September 2023, Paul Needham and team has helped launch the careers of 6 franchisees, with new franchisees coming onboard on an almost weekly basis.

We Guarantee YOU’ll generate £6,000 of Revenue in Your First 3 Months - But We Don’t Need To Use The Guarantee…

Ross Mould in Southampton has made £14,786 in his first 4 Months

Ross joined us in October, securing all Southampton postcodes. We guaranteed Ross £6,000 in his first 3 months, and in his first month he made £5,792.00 and took on 81 Clients! Take a look at his actual Work Scheduler Below.

The Important Number Is The Recurring Revenue Figure as these are not one off jobs…

It didn't stop there in his first four months he made £14,885 (even with a 2 week Xmas Break). He's on target to have an incredible February with Head Office digital marketing generating him dozens of leads and bookings.

David Pongo in Teesside has made £7,779 in his first 3 Months including a Long Xmas Break

David joined us in November and made £3,500 his first month AND he took on an employee in his second month! Despite operating in Teesside, a region that may not be as wealthy as others, David's income has not been negatively impacted, thanks to a highly effective targeted campaign. In February, his earnings are expected to increase to £6,000 plus.

This can be seen from his Work Scheduler below…

This is just a taste of what you will be making with your Sky High Window Cleaning Franchise.

Why Choose Sky High?

Not only do we Guarantee £6,000 Fast Start Revenue in Your First 3 Months...

As well as this all business functions are professionally handed for you by Sky High Head Office, this includes:

  • Accounting
  • Company Set Up
  • Tax and Compliance
  • HR
  • Van Sourcing
  • Recruitment

You Concentrate on Cleaning Windows & Gutters and Keeping Your Customers Happy...

The key to your success is that you concentrate solely on cleaning windows, gutters, fascias & soffits, driveways and conservatories and impressing your customers with your high quality services.

(As you can see an example of a filled out diary, our Southampton franchisee Ross)

Working with proud homeowners where you build Your reputation as an honest and reliable supplier of external home cleaning services you will inevitably be asked to provide further services such as…

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Fascia and Soffit cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Conservatory cleaning
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Patio cleaning

These become regular annual events or some of them may even be quarterly but they add massively to your earnings and to the lifetime value of each of your customers. And this is why the Sky High model is firmly built on the cornerstone of Customer Retention.

None of this is left to chance… 

We constantly market to your customers with preferential deals on all of the services quoted above. We also undertake an active digital referral marketing scheme and automate testimonial requests for Google, Trustpilot and Bark.

So what are WE doing for YOU?..

Highly Professional and Exceptional Marketing...

Experience a seamless start to your franchise journey with us. We provide a torrent of leads in your area. This has proven successful with our existing franchisees, whose diaries we have consistently filled. And of course you get two months of free advertising, valued at £2,500. You can verify our claims by speaking with our current franchisees and we are happy to show you their bookings. Join us and watch your business thrive from the outset.

Each Lead we generate for you costs you £15 and when we book it into your diary your lead cost has been paid for immediately with the first clean and usually within a week But because this is a recurring income business model you keep getting paid every four or six weeks. This means your £15 investment turns into thousands of pounds over the lifetime of your customer.

If You Understand This About The Amazing Sky High Window Cleaning Franchise – YOU WILL JOIN OUR NETWORK

£300£300 only from your funds
£3,600£3,300 taken from Cash in/Profit - the perfect business model
£20,700Just new business that will also be ongoing repeat business
£17,100This does not take into account recurring business over the next 12 weeks

So the real value of the business over the next 12 months.

This is a business where your investment in Leads is repaid literally within a few days and not only is it repaid it is multiplied five to six times over.

The spreadsheet below shows how an initial investment of £300 can generate over £17,000 in just 12 weeks with all ad spend being generated from profit.

This is what makes this business truly amazing.

Training and Ongoing Support from Industry Expert of 17 Years

Paul Needham started Sky High over 17 years ago with a vision to fulfil the huge demand for high-quality, reliable, punctual, and customer-focused window and gutter cleaning services.

Over the years, he and his team have achieved remarkable success in the South West, and is now bringing that expertise and mentorship to his franchisees. To Put this into context this is exactly how it looks for existing franchisees… 

Ross in Southampton Joined in November 2023

He now Has 148 Active Customers and £29,334 of Recurring Business Booked for the next 12 months.

David in Teesside Joined in November 2023

He now Has 181 Active Customers and £30,710 of Recurring Business Booked for the next 12 months.

Adam in Derbyshire Joined in January 2024

He now Has 89 active Customers and £16,552 of Recurring Business Booked for the next 12 months.

Mark in Somerset Has been with us just over One Year.

He now has 496 active Customers and £102,348 of Recurring Business Booked for the next 12 months.

And Every Month Moving Forward our Laser Focused Marketing Guarantees You £’000’s in Additional Recurring Business.

And Your Customers Are A Goldmine…

Your customers will require many other services from you including the cleaning of gutters, facias & soffits, driveways and conservatories. You can now see that £15 really goes a long way.

Recommendations and Referrals...

And it gets even better when your customers happily and freely recommend you to friends and family who because of your stellar approach to customer service will do exactly the same thing and refer you to their friends and family and your business grows organically and totally for free apart from that £15 spent on the initial lead.

Demand for our services is high in all parts of the UK – Get in touch to check if your territory is available.

Massive Demand & 1000's of Happy Customers…

Demand for your services is huge and unbelievably 50% of households in the UK do not have a window cleaner and of those 50% it is reported that 60% cannot find a window cleaner.

Our dedication to service excellence has resulted in high customer satisfaction rates and strong customer retention. Our clients appreciate our professionalism, efficiency, and thoroughness.

Because of this you will get many referrals and this will build your business organically and very quickly.

A Growing Market Year on Year

Revenue in the sector is forecasted to rise at a compound annual rate of 5.9% over the five years through 2022-23, reaching £301.8 million. There is sample room for growth in both the residential and commercial segments of the market.

Your Protected Territory

With a Minimum of 100,000 ABC1&2 Designated Properties…

You will operate in a secure and exclusive area, allowing you to grow your customer base and establish a major local presence With 100,000 ABC1&2 Designated Properties.

This will allow you to scale your business when you are ready to.
Which based on our marketing and existing franchisees will be very soon.

Start Your Sky High Franchise Today!

We’re not looking for people interested in running a single man-in-a-van operation, these territories are very scalable. There’s potential of having 5+ vans on the road with each of them, making you an additional £30 - 40,000 per year. 

If you are interested, take the next step and download our prospectus today…

Click the Request Free Information and fill out the form on Franchise Local to access our 25+ min Deep-Dive Webinar and download our 40+ page Prospectus and find out if Sky High Window Cleaning is for you...

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