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The Cat Butler offers a unique opportunity that combines your love of cats with career that is flexible, profitable and rewarding.

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Do you have a passion for pets? Do you want to turn that passion into a rewarding career? 

The Cat Butler franchise could be that opportunity!

The Cat Butler franchise offers a unique opportunity that combines your love of cats with a dream career that's flexible, profitable and rewarding.

The Cat Butler franchise opportunity

If you aspire to start your own business and have a huge love for cats, we've built a trusted, accredited and firmly established franchise that could be perfect for you.

Why The Cat Butler?

Trusted brand that is only for cats.

By offering pet sitting services only for cats means that you will become a specialist in providing cat sitting services in your area, helping to quickly build a base of returning customers.

The Cat Butler cares for thousands of cats across the UK with services delivered by a network of vetted, trained and fully insured cat-loving professionals. The reputation we’ve established has allowed us to grow at an exceptional rate, and our franchisees benefit from this recognition to secure new clients.

A business than can work around you

Our cat sitting service is competitive, affordable and most importantly scalable.

Becoming a Cat Butler requires lower start-up costs than other pet-industry businesses. In addition, our unique combination of affordability and specialism in cat care gives us a competitive edge over competitors such as catteries and general pet sitting services.

A Complete Support Network and Established Business Model

You don’t need prior experience to become a Cat Butler – the key requirement is a love of cats and a drive to succeed.

We’ve created a business model that’s replicable, and with this we provide a complete package to ensure local Cat Butlers succeed and grow their business. This covers all aspects of start-up including training and support, through to on-going marketing and recruitment.

2022 The Purr-fect time to start your own cat sitting business

The pet industry is thriving - and the cat sitting market is booming and going to see un-rivalled growth in the next couple of years.

3.2 million households in the UK have acquired a new pet since the start of the pandemic and a lot of these pets have been of the feline variety.

In fact, the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) estimates that some 12 million homes across the UK are now ruled by a cat. That’s a massive increase from 7.5 million cats the year before!

Number of pets in the UK

The Cat Butler opportunity in detail

Flexible & Scalable

The Cat Butler model is flexible, and our franchise opportunity enables you to build a successful business around your passion for cats, as well as your family and your lifestyle. As the number of regular clients increases, you can take on self-employed cat sitters to help with the service delivery.

Being a franchisee with The Cat Butler requires no prior experience and we can get you set up very quickly. Our only real requirements are that you love cats and that you’re excited about the idea of running your own business.

High Profitability

The Cat Butler franchise model offers you the opportunity to build a highly successful and profitable business in your area. 

With low start-up costs, the ability to work from home, and the high potential for repeat business and referrals, we give you everything that you need to grow your business year after year.

How much is your investment?

To become a Cat Butler franchisee it is just £9,999, and this covers the initial package of services and start-up support that we provide to every franchisee. 

Using our marketing systems, we expect that your bookings will start within the first few weeks.

"We saw it as a simple business model that permits people with little experience running a business to start up and build up a client base quickly. It was particularly advantageous to us in that it was also home/locally based and allows us to work around our family and existing work commitments. The marketing and training assistance is also a big draw. It is essentially the complete start-up package for those that love and live with our feline friends!"
Gregory and Romina, The Cat Bulter Bromley franchisees

Three simple reasons you should join The Cat Butler this year

The market is growing every year

With a 63% increase in the number of pet cats in the last year, coupled with rising demand for in-home cat sitting services, now really is the purr-fect time to come on board as a Cat Butler franchisee. These cats need Cat Butlers to serve them while their humans are away. Demand for our services is through the roof right now, and we need enthusiastic cat lovers to help us meet this demand.

Holidays are back

Holidays are possible once more, and families need people they trust to look after their pets. Catteries are an option, as too is asking a friendly neighbour. After spending so much time at home, though, cat owners are more aware than ever of their cats' love of being in their familiar surroundings - which is great news for cat sitting business owners like us!

There's loads of support available

We are not talking here about the support we offer you as a franchisee; we're talking about the government-backed business start-up loans available to help you realise your dreams of becoming a cat sitting business owner. We can help you find and secure finance for your Cat Butler franchise business.

The Cat Butler

Next steps to becoming a Cat Butler franchisee

When you join our franchise family, you might be your own boss, but you'll never be alone – we are always here, ready and willing to help you build a business that we can both be proud of.

If you're a cat lover and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, then The Cat Butler could be purr-fect for you.

Sandra James, founder of premium cat care franchise The Cat Butler, has reached the finals of the EWiF (Encouraging Women into Franchising) Awards, in the category of New Woman Franchisor of the Year.The Cat Butler does as the name suggests, catering to every whim of its feline clients. Cats are visited in their own home, fed, played with and generally pampered in the same way their owners would if they were at home.Sandra first launched the exclusive cat visiting service in her hometown of St A...

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