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Earn £100,000+ a year from domestic and contract cleaning, without getting your hands dirty

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Personal touch, professional standards

Earn £100,000+ a year from domestic and contract cleaning,
without getting your hands dirty

Poppies is Britain’s oldest-established domestic cleaning franchise and has been setting the standards others follow since 1980. Our most successful franchisee, Chris Wootton (below), now owns and operates the franchise network as the Poppies MD. The result is a culture of rare and genuine passion to help people like you with the oomph and the ambition to build your own financial freedom and security, just as he did.

What you’ll need to be a Poppies franchisee

Buying a franchise is a low-risk way of sharing in the success of a high-profile business, backed all the way by the people who know it best and made it all possible.

We’ll let you into our trade secrets, support you with marketing and operations, and mentor you to become a confident Poppies franchisee.

You don’t need to have owned a business before, nor have any experience of cleaning (because you won’t be doing it! You’ll employ the cleaners), but you do need to be:

  1. A great communicator with excellent spoken and written English
  2. Able to invest £8,250 and borrow £19,250 to start your own business
  3. Business minded
  4. Methodical and motivated 
  5. Proud and personable
  6. Willing to reinvest to grow your business
I'm a people person and Poppies is a relationship business. That's one of the many reasons why its been so rewarding for me."
Rob, Liverpool

It's great being independent, but also comforting to have support and advice from other business owners running similar companies.
Katie and Lee, Chester

My goal is to increase our monthly cleaning hours to over 2,000 a month. Although it's very ambitious, I think I can achieve it.
Nicola, Durham

A business journey, taken together

You can have your own Poppies domestic cleaning business either by setting one up in a new territory or by buying one that’s already established. Either way, Chris and his team will mentor and guide you on following the proven business model.

If you’re starting from scratch in a new territory, these are the typical steps in your journey ahead:

Poppies prides itself on the personal touch – something our customers have appreciated for decades. As a franchise owner, you’ll employ cleaners your customers can rely on to be honest, efficient and discreet. They won’t raise an eyebrow if the house they’ve cleaned is in uproar the next time they visit, and they’ll even park your liveried van around the corner if the customer wants to claim the credit for all their hard work! Like you, they’ll make it their business to keep clients happy.

What if people don’t need cleaners?

They most certainly do! Most people prefer a clean home, but the number of people who like getting it clean and keeping it that way is infinitely smaller, fortunately for you and for us.

Your clients will include City types who want to outsource the housework, couples whose idea of working hard and playing hard doesn’t involve a weekend clean, flatmates who can’t agree on anything except that they don’t want to do the cleaning, elderly people who need to take it easier, and landlords who’ll come back to you repeatedly for end-of-tenancy sparkle.

We started Poppies in a recession in the 80s and have traded through several more since, with no sign of demand dropping off.

Working couples and families are placing more and more value on their leisure time, safety and comfort, and our ageing population requires more in-home support.

And, as the pandemic continues, cleanliness and infection control are arguably more important than at any other time in history.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about the Poppies franchise and...

...are a real people-person

...enjoy providing excellent customer service

...want to build and lead your own team

...and can invest at least £8,250 and borrow £19k…

please get in touch with us below.

West Lancashire business owner, Chris Wootton, celebrated a huge milestone as his domestic cleaning franchise business Poppies reaches its 25-year anniversary on Friday, 9th April. Having launched on 1st April 1996, Chris has grown the business and the team of staff to now deliver over 2,500 hours of cleaning every month to homes across West Lancashire. Rosie Cooper MP for West Lancashire joined Chris at the Poppies office in Ormskirk to mark the occasion, along with a few of Poppies’ staff...

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