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Earn more than £200,000 per year (uncapped) working part time from the comfort of your own home!

Since January 2016, we’ve helped people with no recruitment experience become proficient recruiters and have constantly refined our processes, now making it as easy as possible to become a recruitment expert in any industry you are interested in, anywhere in the world, even in multiple locations.

Whether you are an experienced recruiter or complete novice, we'll show you how to easily place candidates at companies around the world with our unique methods, proven road-map, and powerful automation software.

"I joined Novi Global as I was looking to have my own business, in an area that I loved, but with the guidance and expertise of an established company. Having completed two placements in my first seven weeks, the experience has totally exceeded my expectations.
Novi Global franchisee

Why should you get involved with Novi Global recruitment?

The staffing and recruitment industry is worth more than £200 billion per year globally.

We have created a very simple success plan where you can place candidates in less than two hours, and after just two or three hours of training. Indeed we have submitted candidates to companies on behalf of franchisees during our first training session!

Novi Global offer far more services than any other global recruiter, has genuine unique selling points, and work with some of the most well-known companies in the world. Indeed, our CEO has built relationships with some of the biggest CEOs in the world. You can too!

Since the start of 2020 we have brought in dozens of very well-paid jobs with global blue chip companies for our franchisees to work on as they develop their own clients. You can earn at least $6,000+ just for providing a candidate, and we’ll show you how to find them, engage with them, and work with them for the long term.

If you’re an experienced recruiter, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can be working with tier 1 companies from day one as you develop your own business.

There really has never been a better time to join!

It was all possible with the training and mentoring of the Novi Global Recruitment management team. From day one, the guidance I received for setting up the franchise from my home office was invaluable, with continuous on going training and support. I can now look forward with confidence to grow my business within Novi Global Recruitment."
Novi Global franchisee

What Novi Global offers its franchisees

Unique, well-proven methods, processes and tools, unlimited training, automation software we initially developed and have been working with for years and is constantly evolving, jobs to work on, candidates, back office support, global remit, flexible hours, excellent work/life balance.

Novi Global can take your career to the next level by sharing our knowledge and helping you to work on lucrative executive search positions.

Here are some of the factors that make Novi Global the best opportunity in recruitment right now:

  • Your costs are very low. All you need is a computer. That’s it!
  • You'll have jobs to work on from day one. Novi Global don’t just leave you to get on with things; they help you get up and running immediately by allowing you the opportunity to work on global high value jobs. Not just one or three jobs, as many jobs as you can handle, forever!
  • There is no need to hire anyone else, but you can if you wish. How big you want the business to be is up to you.
  • You can work from the comfort of your own home, at flexible hours that suit you.
  • Novi Global is always there to help you source candidates, so if you take on a project too big to handle yourself, we’re there to step in and assist you.
  • You have unlimited access to the best database in the business, with the first licence included in your fee.
  • You can work in any discipline in almost any country. We'll discover the best industry for you to work in together.
  • Novi Global has multiple revenue streams, and offer many unique services.
  • We have offices all over the world: Gibraltar, USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, UAE, Spain, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, Bulgaria, Papua New Guinea, Australia, India and Pakistan, and are expanding rapidly with many more in the pipeline.
  • You can achieve incredible career satisfaction and upscale as much as you want, and you can do it faster and easier then you thought possible.

With our tools and training, anyone can make really good money for a very small outlay!

Novi Global franchisee earning potential

Your personal commission could be anything up to £250,000 per placement!

How would you feel, earning that kind of money?

We'll show you how to generate these enormous fees with our unique tools and simplified procedure. Of course, not all our fees would be that high, but earning more than £50,000 per year should be easily achievable. Even just two placements per month at a low fee of around £7,000 would generate over £150,000 in commission for you in your first year.

Using our proven and unique methods, some of our franchisees have secured interviews in their first week, placements in their first 2 weeks, and some are making 12 placements or more per month. Imagine making 144 placements per year! Would you be happy earning more than £500,000 per year, working for yourself, from home? Even £50,000 per year would be a nice return for a flexible, home-based business.

“I have been a franchisee of Novi Global for more than two years. During these years I’ve never regretted that I decided to invest in this business since it brought me excellent know-how, access to amazing international clients, effective online tools, and positive brand awareness. My colleagues at Novi Global are truly helpful, react immediately to all our questions, and are proven experts in their field. It is a pleasure working with a truly international team of recruiters who put all their efforts and heart in developing a prosperous recruitment company, every time going the extra mile in servicing its clients.”
Novi Global franchisee

Next steps to becoming a Novi Global franchisee

Please fill in the form below and a member of the Novi Global recruitment team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.

Novi Global, the recruitment company with a global network of recruiters, sees continued success in 2022.  It's been another great year for the recruitment company, with 22 new franchisees joining the successful network. Bulgaria has now entered their 7th year of trading with a growing team of 7.  The entire Novi Global team has seen an increase in work with new clients from all over the world, some as far as New Zealand signing up for their recruitment services.Now is a great time t...

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