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Find out how you can take advantage of the current economic climate and make up to £x per month selling finance from home

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Find out how you can take advantage of the current economic climate and make up to £X per month selling finance from home…

Sounds hard to believe, right?

Before I tell you how you can make money selling finance to businesses, I want to ask you…

  • Do you want to earn over £100k-£300k per annum working from home?
  • Are you aware that offering finance options to businesses is virtually unlimited and always in high demand? Especially at the moment during the pandemic as more than £350bn has been committed to by Government as a bailout to businesses that you can get paid as a delivery partner.
  • Have you considered finance before, knowing how lucrative it is, but found that the regulations you need to adhere to have put you off?

Do you know that hard working sales people just like you are able to set up a franchise selling finance to businesses?

So… Why can’t you?

I want to tell you about a new system that provides a win-win scenario for you and your future customers…

In the next couple of minutes, I’m going to show how you can better serve your customers, gain an advantage over your competition (other brokers or lenders who rely solely on longstanding and traditional methods) and increase your ongoing revenue streams whilst building a significant underlying asset that is your retirement at exit as a resale.

The Covid Crisis has prompted an urgent £350 billion Government bailout. This is real and you can help spread that money around into the economy. Many businesses will sadly fail, but that money is there to make its way throughout the broader economy. Posfin Capital is FCA Authorised to support businesses with the massive demand for CBILS loans extended to January 31st 2021 and all Non-CBILS products.

In June-October alone, Posfin received over £100million in new lending enquiries. All inbound! If you want to be on the receiving end of HOT enquiry that is not about to end anytime soon, then you must give this your full attention.

But first, I want to introduce you to Jeff…

  • Jeff was a hard working and talented salesman who had been working in another industry for a few years but was yet to get his big break…
  • He is now currently able to offer his customers a variety of finance options meaning he has been able to increase his earnings by 85%.

But things were not always so great…

Two years ago, Jeff was struggling to meet his sales targets. He had no finance options to offer his limited customer base as leads were few and far between, and he was losing out on a lot of potential business.

Jeff’s problem was that he had not come across the right platform to offer his customer’s Whole of Market Commercial finance. On top of that most businesses like his that did offer it had to process all the deals entirely, so their volumes and earnings were limited. He did not have access to a team of processors and automated procedures to help streamline and accelerate his growth.

After a period of frustration, Jeff stumbled across Posfin Capital. We offer Commercial Finance products, through a panel of lenders, to ambitious business owners.

Within a few months of implementing this service, Jeff had increased his sales dramatically. On top of that he…

  • Noticed consistent increases in monthly earnings
  • Accelerated his customer base rapidly
  • Was cross-selling multiple value add finance products
  • Was pleasing more people than ever before

Our panel of lenders can source finance for CBILS, Cashflow, Equipment, Merchant Cash Advance, Invoice, Trade, Project and Structured Property finance. Steve only needs to complete basic paperwork to handover his clients, then Head Office will entirely place the deals with lenders and see the deals through to completion whilst Steve either starts on another deal or goes on holiday with his family anytime he wants around lockdowns!

Improved the Credibility of His Business

Offering Commercial Finance provides a credible status within your community and allows you to compete with more established participants quickly. Posfin’s ability to achieve bulk lead generation means Jeff can be as busy as he wishes, or he can request reduced lead flows equally.

Recently, there is a huge demand for financing from small to medium businesses and Posfin Capital are in the perfect position to help you sell it to clients.

To show you the kind of money you can make, one of our franchisee’s this week has been offered £650k from a lender as part of a large commercial loan. There is £30k commission for us and then a whopping 50% goes to the franchisee!

That means you too can make 50% on every deal!

That means you too can make 50% on every deal!

If you want to make the most of this unique opportunity and apply to be one of our franchise partners, fill in the form below.

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