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Start your own Aesthetics Clinic partnering with global market-leading franchise

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Start your own Aesthetics Clinic partnering with the global 

market-leading franchise

You are not alone if you love health and beauty: research firm Global Data forecasts the industry will outperform all others to become the UK’s fastest growing sector by 2022, the skincare category leading with a rise of 27.9%. It’s the perfect time to enter this space with the leading operator, Laser Clinics.

“From working so closely with clinics, first as a supplier and then as a business consultant, I had a real taste for running my own – but I knew the challenges too. From suppliers to payment options, the Laser Clinics brand opens doors that simply wouldn’t be there otherwise. Head office really drive you forwards. After six months, through lockdowns, we had 1,000 clients on our books.”
Gill McDougall, Glasgow

What treatments would my clinic offer?

Laser Clinics has created the perfect mix of profitable aesthetics treatments for your team to deliver:

  • Laser: medical grade laser hair removal at affordable prices disrupting the waxing/shaving industry, using the world's best lasers
  • Skin: take clients on a revitalising journey with packages of the latest non-invasive treatments for the most common skin issues including skin needling, microdermabrasion, LED and various skin peels
  • Injectables: a rapidly growing market segment, tailored cosmetic injectables treatment plans help clients look and feel younger while enhancing their natural features
  • Skincare cosmeceutical products: a tailor-made cosmeceutical skincare range owned by Laser Clinics to support the treatment menu with aftercare for customers to achieve optimal results.

We know what works: we’ve learnt the lessons, tested and refined the product offering for over 10 years so you can set up a successful business with our proven franchise model. And we’re not standing still, continually leading the industry by bringing new techniques and technologies to the mass market.

Who are Laser Clinics?

We are the leading global cosmetic aesthetics business with the largest network of clinics, utilising over 400 laser machines and employing over 250 cosmetic injectors to deliver the most laser and injectable treatments in the world. In 2020 alone Laser Clinics delivered over 2.4 million treatments.

Laser Clinics started out in Australia and has driven a revolution, commanding over 50% market share in 2020. We’ve been in the UK market for over 2 years and see the same growth trajectory here as we saw in Australia, providing huge opportunity for ambitious people.

There are 13 clinics open in the UK so far with another 6 clinics signed and opening soon. With many A-grade locations available right across the country, combined with the strong demand for more service-based locations, we know the time is now to open up with great franchise partners.

How do you support me?

You can leave your current job, invest in your first clinic with our 50% match-funding and straight away be earning a £40K salary, with 50% of all the profits too.

What’s unique about our franchise is the principle of sharing 50:50, and that has proven to be very lucrative for franchisees whilst reducing the capital required to enter the industry. For example: over half of our initial 50 clinics in Australia generated over £1m in profit for themselves from their clinics in their first five years, plus they took a salary each year in addition to this return. Many of them purchased a second clinic and made double this return.

As you would expect from a global leader, our team support you in every aspect of the business:

  • Specialist property search, negotiation and professional clinic fit-outs
  • The world's best equipment at the lowest prices!
  • Professional support with your business plan and raising funding
  • Four weeks initial training, both theory and in-clinic
  • ongoing guidance from our UK support team of over 20 people and growing, backed by 75 at Global HQ
  • Sophisticated digital marketing to attract and retain clients
  • A bespoke customer management tool automating much of your admin
  • Training for your clinic staff to ensure competence and compliance
  • An in-house medical team and dermatologist board driving innovation and offering you support

Get your first clinic up and running, then you potentially have the option to invest in a second. So, like most of our franchisees, you would then own 50% of two highly successful clinics and take 50% of the profits from both.

“My biggest wow moment so far was in my first two and half weeks, the phenomenal revenues we took – we were in the top 5 globally of all Laser Clinics! And I had no background in aesthetics before this. Because of lockdown, we could only trade for 98 days in our first six months, but we already reached over 1,100 clients in that time.”
Anna Muskett, Luton

Tell me more about the numbers?

  • Take a £40k salary from month one
  • Proven personal drawings potential of £200k+ per annum, on top of salary
  • Enjoy profits of over £1m from your first 3-5 years trading
  • Invest from £80k cash + bank funding, total c.£200k per clinic
  • Match-funding from Laser Clinics of c.£200k per clinic
  • Forecast to become the UK's fastest growing sector in 2022 (Global Data)

Share the risk, share the costs, share the reward

What's next?

Get in touch with Diane and she will answer your questions and take you through the financials, systems and processes in more detail.

We want to work with you and share success: WIN-WIN.

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